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    What to Pack For Yacht Week

    When packing for your yacht week, consider what is essential and what you don’t need. Waterproof laptop cases, quick-drying clothes, and medication for nausea are all essentials. What to Pack For Yacht Week – All You Need Slippery shoes, a camera, and pens are essentials as well. In case you get bored, take along a book and a pen, and a small game or two. A pair of binoculars or a camera for sunset and bird-watching will keep you entertained. Waterproof laptop case If you are planning to attend a yacht week, you may want to consider buying a waterproof laptop case. While a waterproof laptop case is not necessary,…

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    How to Throw a Yacht Party

    If you have a private boat, you can host a yacht party in any location. Guests can be met at the shore or sailed off into the sunset by the yacht owner. Consider your guests’ comfort level in sailing. Consider whether there will be entertainment onboard. Also, the space and capacity of the yacht and what provisions will be available. There is no better party to celebrate your birthday than one on a yacht. Choosing a theme for a yacht party When planning a yacht party, there are many factors to consider. A party on a yacht is an exciting experience, but if it’s not planned properly, it can turn…

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    What Is a Yacht Interior Specialist?

    In luxury mega yachts, there are several departments that comprise the interior design team. These departments include hospitality specialists, also known as stewardesses, who are responsible for ensuring that all of the guests have a great experience onboard. The hospitality specialists are responsible for making sure the guests receive an eight-course dinner in the finest possible way. Yacht Interior Designers To Consider – What The Specialists Know This specialist will make sure that each guest has the perfect experience, from greeting them with a lavender-scented hand towel and cocktail to overseeing the entire eight-course dinner service. Winch Design If luxury yachts are a way of life, then you have probably…

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    How to Join a Yacht Club

    If you’ve ever wondered how to join a yacht club, you’re not alone. Most people who wish to become members of a yacht club don’t know where to start. Whether you’d like to join a social or sailing club depends on a number of factors. Here are some things to consider before making your final decision. If you don’t already own a boat, you don’t have to. All You Need To Know About Joining a Yacht Club Membership fees vary Membership fees at yacht clubs vary widely. They are usually based on size, type, and amenities. Some are easy to join, while others require a waiting list or recommendations from…

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    What is an Expedition Yacht?

    Expedition yachts are designed to take people to new places in a safe and comfortable manner. Almost always custom-built, these yachts provide the highest level of luxury, stability, and comfort. All You Need to Know About Expedition Yachts Expedition yachts can cruise to places that most people have never visited. They have all the safety and comfort features of a motor yacht but are built to last longer at sea. This article will provide you with the basics of these yachts. Explorer yachts have a full Displacement Hull Explorer yachts typically have a full displacement hull and are longer than other types of luxury motor yachts. They should have enough…

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    How Much is a Private Yacht Charter?

    When it comes to calculating the price of a private yacht charter, there are a few factors you should keep in mind. In general, there are three categories of charter: All-inclusive, Plus-expenses, and Crew gratuities. These three categories vary significantly, as do the prices for each. In this article, you’ll learn about the differences in cost between each type of charter. Ultimately, your price will depend on your expectations. How much does it cost to charter a yacht? High season The Mediterranean is one of the world’s largest yacht charter grounds, and the high season runs from July to August. If you’d rather avoid the crowds and the price tag,…

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    Tips For a Private Yacht Charter in San Diego

    If you’re interested in a private yacht charter in San Diego, you’ve probably considered renting a Seychelles or Catamaran, or perhaps you’d like to celebrate a special event on a luxury yacht. Whatever your reason, here are a few tips for a memorable vacation. You’ll want to choose a boat rental company that will provide quality service and great customer service. Yacht Rentals – Tips For a Private Yacht Charter in San Diego Seychelles When you book a Seychelles private yacht charter in San Diego, you will have the opportunity to explore a pristine paradise without having to deal with the hassles of planning a vacation. Seychelles islands are sparsely…

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    Rent a Private Yacht in Chicago

    If you’re looking to rent a private yacht in Chicago, you have a few options. Sailo has a selection of bareboat charters available throughout Chicago. Guests can rent a private yacht for several hours or the entire day, and you can even hire a captain to explore the city’s hidden gems. Sailo is a great way to find a private charter that is tailor-made to your needs. Rent a Private Yacht in Chicago – Best Guide Sailo If you’re looking for a luxurious Chicago yacht charter, you’ve come to the right place. Sailo has a large selection of Chicago charters. Choose from private boat rentals for a few hours to…

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    Planning a Windy Vacation? Consider a Private Yacht Charter Miami

    When planning your trip, you should consider what you’ll do when the wind blows. In Miami, the wind can be light in the summer, but stronger in the winter. Dress appropriately for the conditions. Why You Should Charter a Private Yacht Miami for Vacation You don’t want to be impacted by the wind, so you’ll want to know how to prepare for it. Here are a few tips for Miami boat rental in any season. Take a look at these tips to have a perfect vacation. Downtown Miami Marina Whether you’re planning a romantic trip, a business meeting, or a family reunion, the right yacht charter will help you enjoy…

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    Private Yacht Charter Key West

    For those seeking to travel in style, private yacht charters in Key West can be an excellent way to see the sights and spend time with loved ones. This picturesque island town is home to seven islands, including Garden Key. The islands are home to one of the largest coral reefs in the Americas and Fort Jefferson, a historic unfinished octagon fort. On the turquoise waters, guests can relax on board a private yacht. Blue Ocean Yacht Charters If you’re interested in a unique and luxurious vacation, consider a private yacht charter with Blue Ocean Yachts. Their charters offer everything from romantic sunset cruises to multi-day excursions. Whatever your interests,…