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What Does a Deckhand on a Yacht Make?

In addition to assisting guests and interacting with the public, a deckhand’s job description involves a variety of other responsibilities as well.

Depending on the vessel, a deckhand may have multiple responsibilities.

Good communication skills are essential for efficient work.

Read on to learn more about the physical demands, job description, and salary for a deckhand.

And don’t forget to ask for references if you’re interested in this type of job.

Deckhand responsibilities

A deckhand’s responsibilities range from cleaning and maintaining the exterior of the yacht to working on painting projects.

Some deckhands may also take on duties like installing new equipment, monitoring the boat’s hydraulics, and maintaining a proper lookout.

Other deckhand responsibilities may include running a daily JSA, inspecting cargo, and leading boat drills.

A deckhand may also be assigned a role on board the yacht during a storm.

As the entry level position on a yacht, deckhand responsibilities include cleaning and maintaining the exterior of the superyacht.

Successful deckhands typically have previous experience working in the superyacht industry or aboard private vessels.

They must have an enthusiasm for learning and a positive attitude.

This position requires you to interact with both the captain and the owner in a professional manner.

A successful deckhand will be expected to be able to take on new tasks and be responsible in a fast-paced environment.

A deckhand’s work schedule is largely flexible. Most deckhands work from Monday to Friday, with occasional weekends off.

In addition to sweeping the decks, they assist the interior crew by bringing in supplies for the ship.

A deckhand works under a rotating watch system on a yacht.

This ensures that the vessel is safe for guests, and they have to stay on board.

Many yachts have a rotating watch system to ensure that the crew is always on hand.

A deckhand on a yacht works from Monday to Friday, and some may take advantage of their free time on weekends.

The job duties of a deckhand vary based on the size of the yacht.

While they all require some degree of physical fitness, the majority of yachts have two positions for deckhand.

The first officer and the bosun typically assign tasks to deckhand.

The deckhand performs various tasks such as cleaning the exterior, maintaining the tenders, and ensuring that they run safely.

However, deckhands are not responsible for steering the yacht or handling emergency situations.

Salary Range

While many deckhands are paid a base salary, there are also specialized positions on luxury yachts.

These include Deckhand Tender Driver, Carpenter, and Kite Surfer.

Salary ranges for these positions depend on certifications and experience.

A chief engineer on a 100-meter yacht will make approximately 12,000 to 15,000 Euros per month in 2021.

A motorman on a larger vessel can earn between $3,200 and $60,000 a year.

The salary range for yacht crew varies, but in general, the higher the pay, the more experience a deckhand has.

The average salary of a captain on a megayacht is about $18,600.

In contrast, a junior deckhand makes anywhere from 2,700 to 2,800 euros per month.

However, this salary range does not reflect the importance of experience.

Deckhands can expect to work with dozens of other crew members on larger yachts, where they earn between EUR2,500 and 3,500 Euros monthly.

The salary range for deckhands on yachts varies according to job title and experience.

A crew member in charge of the ship’s maintenance, such as a deckhand, can make anywhere from $2,500 to $5,000 per month.

However, the pay for a bosun is not as high. Bosuns make up to $52,000 per month and deckhands make between $2,500 and $3,500 per month.

A general seafaring skill set is necessary to become a deckhand.

A deckhand will also need to be knowledgeable about boat handling, engine work, and navigation.

Other skills that are desirable are a diving or fishing qualification. Certifications in these areas are also helpful.

There are a few perks for deckhands, however, that can help you get the job.

If you have a strong work ethic and enjoy being around water, this may be a good career choice.

Although the working hours can be long, they are well compensated.

Deckhands on yachts enjoy working outdoors and must be physically fit to do their job.

A high salary on a yacht is also possible, even when living costs are relatively low.

Aside from being able to work around the clock, deckhands on yachts make a great living, and most importantly.

They get to see some of the world’s most spectacular destinations.

Physical Demands

The physical demands for deckhands on yachts are high, requiring high levels of fitness and endurance.

The deckhands work for long hours on their feet and may be required to scrub exteriors and toilets.

While the work isn’t glamorous, deckhands must appreciate the opportunities they have to do something different each day.

In addition to physical activity, deckhands must be able to communicate with guests.

Offshore deckhands must also be physically fit and agile in order to safely operate mechanical equipment on the deck.

They often operate steering systems, machines to move anchors, and tools that haul cables.

Offshore deckhands may also be required to lift heavy objects, tie complex knots, and stand for long periods.

Physical demands for deckhands vary according to position and vessel, but are likely to include heavy lifting, repetitive bending, lifting, and standing in extreme weather conditions.

The work environment on offshore yachts can be very unpredictable, so a deckhand must be adaptable and able to think critically.

Offshore deckhands often spend extended periods of time away from home, family, and community.

They may also be expected to work night shifts and on weekends.

Because of these demands, deckhands must be physically and emotionally fit.

Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities for career growth for deckhands on yachts.

There are many different types of deckhands on yachts, from fishing boats to tugboats.

Before making a decision on the job, it is essential to consider what type of vessel will best fit your interests.

For example, you might prefer working on a yacht that transports passengers, or you may prefer working overseas on an oil rig.

A wind farm on a yacht might be a great choice for you, depending on your preference.

The physical demands for deckhands on yachts are high.

Working on a boat’s deck requires you to lift heavy objects, work on machinery, and perform other strenuous tasks.

The work can also require long hours, and a deckhand must work in a cramped environment for long periods of time.

Moreover, the physical demands of this job often make it challenging to sleep on a boat and get enough rest.

Job description

When it comes to salaries, what should you expect to earn as a deckhand on a yacht?

Luxury Charter Group offers estimates for various positions, from deckhand to engineer.

The average salary for deckhands varies, but it is generally around $2,500-$5,000 a month.

The salaries listed below include round-trip airfare to and from the vessel, as well as food and uniform costs.

In addition, the yachts usually provide workers’ compensation insurance.

While salaries may vary, bonuses and seniority are generally based on performance, and vacation periods are typically between two and three weeks.

As an entry-level position, deckhands are responsible for maintaining and cleaning the exterior of the yacht.

They may also help with docking operations, stow toys, and supervise watersports activities.

They may also have lunch breaks or go fishing or enjoy a dockside beer after work.

However, the main duties of a deckhand are varied and depend on the size of the yacht.

Although this position is demanding, it also offers great benefits.

Working outdoors is an excellent way to earn money while working with others and getting to experience the wonderful world of yachting.

Working on a luxury yacht allows you to travel the world and make friends for life.

And the salary is usually higher than you’d expect – as compared to working at a regular job.

If you have the right skills and a cheerful disposition, deckhand jobs are rewarding and lucrative.

While the duties of a deckhand on a yacht vary from day to day, the average deckhand’s daily duties can include cleaning teak.

Responding to a man overboard, or performing maintenance on a yacht

In addition to this, they may have to help guests with their luggage and get their toys into the water.

Many vessels require deckhands to complete maritime training, including STCW 95 Basic Safety Training.


The salaries of a deckhand on a yacht vary depending on the position.

A deckhand on a yacht must be flexible, both in summer and winter.

The chief officer usually drafts the watch roaster ahead of time and has to be flexible in his or her schedule.

If you are a flexible worker, you can earn more money as a deckhand on a private yacht.

There are many advantages to being a deckhand on a yacht, and many yachts hire people from other areas of the world.

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