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What Is a Yacht Interior Specialist?

In luxury mega yachts, there are several departments that comprise the interior design team.

These departments include hospitality specialists, also known as stewardesses, who are responsible for ensuring that all of the guests have a great experience onboard.

The hospitality specialists are responsible for making sure the guests receive an eight-course dinner in the finest possible way.

Yacht Interior Designers To Consider – What The Specialists Know

This specialist will make sure that each guest has the perfect experience, from greeting them with a lavender-scented hand towel and cocktail to overseeing the entire eight-course dinner service.

Winch Design

If luxury yachts are a way of life, then you have probably already heard about yacht interior specialist Winch Design.

The company has an incredible team of 85 people, including naval architects, 3D visualizers, merchandisers, and support staff.

They search the world for the most skilled artisans and rarest materials, as well as the finest elements of design.

This includes everything from carpets to wall coverings. Here’s what they do:

The luxury yacht interiors at Winch Design are nothing short of spectacular.

From private owner decks to Jacuzzis, they are opulent, but still make your guests feel at home.

The yacht interiors of the 260-foot M/Y Excellence were designed by Winch Design.

Owners worked closely with the studio to develop a design concept that was inspired by the Florida East Coast Deco style.

It had to feel warm, welcoming, and personal, just as a luxury hotel would.

Winch Design is a British design studio specializing in luxury yacht interiors.

The company was established in 1986 by Andrew and Jane Winch and has grown to encompass the firm’s Private Jet, Architecture, and Interiors teams.

The company employs 65 designers in its riverside London studios.

Winch Design’s designers are passionate about creating an energy-filled, unique design that responds to each client’s desires.

Nuvolari Lenard

If you’re looking for a superyacht interior specialist, look no further than Nuvolari Lenard.

This Italian firm specializes in large yacht designs for private owners.

They begin the process with a preliminary study, which is followed by the preparation of a bid package for potential builders.

After creating the design concept, Nuvolari Lenard then provides the yard with architectural drawings and documentation of the proposed design.

This documentation ensures that the yard understands the concept and style.

They work with oceanliners, such as Oceanco, Palmer Johnson, Perini Navi, and CRN.

The team behind Nuvolari Lenard is composed of two Italians and an Italian naval architect.

They share a love of sailing and spent their free time on the water.

The studio’s goal is to create a luxurious yacht that reflects the client’s style and tastes.

They work with yacht owners to create a space that is luxurious and elegant while maximizing comfort and functionality.

They offer architectural drawings, furniture samples, and specifications of decoration for the interior of the yacht.

Another team of Italian designers worked together on the DAR’s interior.

Nuvolari Lenard incorporated alternative materials, including fine fabrics, wallpaper, and 3D lacquer.

This yacht interior specialist also created interior layouts that maximize space for direct contact with the marine environment.

Moreover, a large portion of the DAR’s interior space is dedicated to outdoor living, and the designer was sure to include the greatest possible amount of upholstery.

The team behind Nuvolari Lenard is led by award-winning naval architecture and yacht interior designer Patrick Knowles.

He has built his reputation by working on the interior design of superyachts and private planes.

The team shares the same commitment to delivering the perfect yacht interior for its clients.

And in addition to the interior designs, they also specialize in the design of yacht exteriors and marine spaces.

Tillberg Design

For over four decades, Sweden’s Tillberg Design has specialized in marine architecture and interior design.

The company’s portfolio includes the interiors of 62-foot Luxury Yachts from the commercial shipping sector, as well as private superyachts.

Its interiors are synonymous with the Scandinavian aesthetic and evoke a sense of calm and serenity.

They are also known for their expert lighting and attention to detail.

The Swedish interior design specialist, Tillberg Design, has signed a partnership with the Spencer Buley Group, a leading yacht consortium that focuses on bespoke luxury assets.

The partnership will see Tillberg Design work with the prestigious COLUMBIA blue luxury yachts to bring their ideas to life.

Together, they will work on all aspects of the yacht’s interior, from the construction to the decoration.

The partnership will enable Tillberg Design to offer a more comprehensive range of services and products to clients.

The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection was also designed by Tillberg Design, a luxury design company based in Sweden.

The Ritz-Carlton ships offer generous personal space, as well as open decks, private decks, and social areas.

The interior design of these ships is complemented by the service concept of each ship, which is designed to help the crew navigate the ship.

Similarly, each space must be designed to accommodate the needs of the crew.

While most yacht designers will take advantage of this service, the Swedish outfitter makes green practices a standard in their business.

Their designers automatically provide suggestions for green interiors, and clients can also see a material report which shows how much of each material is made from sustainable sources.

Tillberg Design offers three months of consultation with its clients.

Awaiting their arrival, the first owners will be able to enjoy a world-class yacht interior.


Whether you’re looking to make your boat look like a floating island or need a custom dining table. You can turn to a Corian yacht interior specialist for a complete redesign.

Corian’s solid surface can be cut, shaped, and joined inconspicuously to create the ultimate in luxury and function.

The cool hues and translucent finish will bring the interior to life. And you can rest assured that Corian will last for many years to come.

When you’re looking for a Corian yacht interior specialist, you can choose from several different companies that can help you.

Some offer interior design advice as well, and some can help you decide what would be best for your needs.

For example, you might choose a dark grey for your yacht’s interior, but this may not be a good choice for high traffic areas.

But if you’re aiming for a more contemporary look, you can choose a deeper colour.

DeepColour(tm) Technology allows you to create dark shades of Corian that will be easier to apply and withstand wear and tear.

When it comes to custom yacht interiors, it’s important to find a specialist who can work within your budget.

Choosing a company that specializes in interior design with Corian is a smart idea, as you’ll be paying for their expertise.

After all, they’ll make sure your yacht’s interior looks like a masterpiece.

And Corian is a material that lends itself to modern art design. It’s easy to clean, is durable, and prevents mold and mildew from growing.

Suzanne Lovell Inc

If you’re thinking of remodeling your luxury yacht, you’ve probably considered hiring a yacht interior specialist.

Suzanne Lovell Inc. has an impeccable track record when it comes to designing luxury yacht interiors, with a strong architectural foundation.

The firm’s mission is to create an exceptional lifestyle for its clients, which is why they focus on private projects.

Suzanne Lovell, the firm’s founder and principal, is an award-winning architect and interior designer with expertise in textiles, fine art, and furniture.

She founded her business in 1985, initially working primarily in residential architecture and interior design.

Since then, she has expanded her practice to encompass fine art collection advisory and creating Haute residences for high-end clients.

As a firm with offices in New York, Chicago, and abroad, Suzanne Lovell Inc. is known for its unique approach to design.

The firm offers art consultation and creates interior spaces that tell a story.

Its Gulf Coast penthouse, for instance, is an example of its work, featuring Venetian Terrazzo flooring and other details that make it an excellent choice for beachside living.

You can also choose from a wide range of materials, including leather, wood, and glass.


The firm has won national and international awards and has featured in Architectural Digest, The Wall Street Journal, and The Financial Times.

Its exceptional interiors have been featured in a variety of publications, including Architectural Digest, The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Interior Design Magazine.

Lovell’s design work has been published in magazines and newspapers worldwide.

A new book, “The Perfect Yacht Interior”, by Suzanne Lovell, is available on Amazon.

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