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Private Yacht Charter Cancun

The Mayan name for the island of Cancun is Cancun. The island is 16 miles long and its highest point is just 200 feet above sea level.

It lies in the State of Quintana Roo, 550 miles south of Miami. This part of Mexico has a coastline of 540 miles, which is the second longest barrier reef in the world.

Some of the world’s most stunning beaches are located here.

The Top Private Yacht Charter Cancun – Boat Rentals

Catamaran tours

Private catamaran tours are perfect for a romantic vacation or a family celebration.

They are also the perfect choice for a wedding or anniversary trip.

They offer great snorkeling and other fun activities in the clear blue waters.

Private catamarans are also the perfect way to see Cancun’s famous sites on a small boat.

There are numerous tours and excursions available to choose from.

These tours combine luxury, tradition, and a tropical vacation in Cancun.

You can enjoy the sun, sand, coconuts, and coral reefs on a private yacht and enjoy a truly unique experience.

The services of a private yacht are perfect for rewarding your employees, business partners, and potential customers.

And because they are so luxurious, they also offer the ultimate in comfort and luxury.

Cancun Catamaran tours are among the most popular activities to experience while on vacation.

They are an excellent way to enjoy the clear water, stunning beaches, and amazing diving and snorkeling opportunities.

Whether you choose a two-hour tour or a week-long tour, you’ll have an unforgettable experience.

Whether you’re looking for an afternoon or a full week of activities, a private yacht charter is a perfect way to make the most of your time in Cancun.

Crewed charters

Cancun is a tropical paradise with startling white beaches and clear aquamarine waters.

The city also has the same fine waterfront restaurants and sizzling nightlife as nearby Acapulco.

If you’re looking for an escape, consider a private yacht charter in Cancun.

You can spend your vacation soaking up the sun, diving, snorkeling, and exploring the Maya ruins.

If you want to spend a week on a luxury yacht, the cost will vary depending on the size of the yacht and the season.

For example, a 48-footer may cost $3600 USD to go to Holbox, but it takes just one day to return.

This means you’ll miss the best part of the island if you plan on hopping off and stopping in Holbox.

There are many benefits to hiring a crewed yacht. You’ll be able to enjoy the beach, swim and snorkel in crystal clear waters, and have the ultimate privacy and control.

The crew will give you all the attention you need to enjoy your vacation in Cancun.

A private yacht can be used for fun and entertaining, as well as for business meetings.

A private yacht in Cancun is a luxury option for business meetings, parties and even weddings.

For the ultimate luxury experience, consider a Cancun private yacht charter.

With a professional captain on board, you’ll be pampered in style and comfort.

Choose from a wide variety of boats ranging from sailboats to mega yachts.

From speedboats to mega yachts, from schooners to catamarans, you can choose to spend the day at the beach, snorkeling, or fishing.


A luxury yacht charter in Cancun is an incredible way to experience the Caribbean Sea, Mexico.

This Caribbean destination is home to a multitude of marine life, including whale sharks, 5 ft sea turtles, and a large number of colorful tropical fish.

You’ll also be able to enjoy unlimited water access, whether you’d like to snorkel or scuba dive, and admire the beautiful coral reefs that surround the city.

Prices of private yacht charter in Cancun are usually between $5,000 and $60,000 per day, but you can find lower rates if you want to book a yacht charter in advance.

Prices of private yacht charter in Cancun depend on the size and model of the boat.

Prices can be as low as $2,800 USD for a daily charter, or as high as $16,000 USD for a weekly charter.

Prices will vary according to the number of passengers, features, and skipper.

You can find out more about the various amenities that are included in the price of a private yacht charter in Cancun by looking at the list below.

The cost of a private yacht charter in Cancun varies depending on the size of the vessel, the number of people who are sailing, and the itinerary.

Chartering a private yacht in Cancun can last for a week or more, so you should take the time to compare prices.

You can also use the boat as a base for a group sailing vacation or as a luxury vessel for a wedding, and the trip can be as long as a week.


There are many different types of private yachts available for charter in Cancun.

There are motorboats, sailboats, and even catamarans. Many of these types of charters are available with a skipper or with a crew of at least two.

There are many options available, from those who prefer to sail alone to those who want to go on a fun-filled sailing vacation with the whole family.

Luxury yachts offer a VIP boat experience. Whether you’re traveling with family or friends, a private yacht charter in Cancun is the best way to see the area’s many underwater sights.

You’ll have a unique opportunity to explore the Cancun Hotel Zone, the Isla Mujeres, and many other places in between.

You can also rent water toys right on the yacht so that you can go scuba diving or snorkeling with dolphins.

Private yacht charters in Cancun are the perfect choice for a romantic getaway, a group vacation, or a special event.

These boats range in price from as little as a few hundred dollars per day for an hour-long sailboat to more than two thousand USD for a luxury yacht charter.

A private yacht charter in Cancun can be a great way to celebrate a special occasion or have an unforgettable holiday.


Cancun is home to 500 species of marine life. These include whale sharks, five-foot sea turtles, and dozens of species of tropical fish, including the colorful Angel, Surgeon, Parrot, Puffers, rays, and more.

These fascinating creatures can be spotted during your private yacht trip, so it’s worth booking a month-long charter if you’re a business owner.

Rent a private yacht to explore the pristine beaches of Cancun from a unique perspective.

Private yacht rental allows you to explore the little-known beaches and take advantage of water sports.

Before you arrive in Cancun, book a private yacht charter and let your imagination run wild.

It will give you a completely different experience. If you’ve always wanted to go sailing, you can do that with a private yacht rental.

This stunning vessel can accommodate up to eight guests. You’ll be able to spend an entire day on board as you explore the Yucatan Peninsula and its surrounding islands.

It’s also equipped with jet skis, kayaks, and professional crew. You’ll also enjoy the amenities on board, like water sports gear and a spacious boat deck.

You’ll be able to enjoy a day of sunbathing and swimming on this luxurious vessel.

Scuba diving

Scuba diving on private yacht charter in Cancan is the perfect way to experience the pristine waters off this tropical paradise.

A private yacht charter offers the ultimate in privacy, personal service, and unmatched diving opportunities.

If you’re not a diver, scuba diving on a luxury yacht charter is the perfect option for you.

From snorkeling to scuba diving, you can explore the many sites available for exploration.

Private yacht charters in Cancun are ideal for diving enthusiasts.

The captains of these luxury vessels are highly trained Divemasters who know the local waters and will help you become an expert underwater.

Private yachts in Cancun offer all the amenities needed for a great diving experience, from a private dive site to an onboard bar.

While on board, you will find purified drinking water.

Scuba diving is the perfect way to experience the wonders of the azure waters off Cancun.

The surrounding islands offer incredible snorkelling and scuba diving opportunities.

You can also snorkel off the shores of nearby towns such as Puerto Morelos.

There is even a private yacht charter in Cancun that lets you explore the beautiful underwater world while enjoying the sunset.

It’s a truly wonderful experience!

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